Determined to build a vigorous society, Biocin Healthcare presents its high graded technology in the field of Pharmacy with a multitude of healthcare solutions. Our vast range of medicinal products consists of capsules, tablets, oral liquids, ointments, creams and dry syrups. In association with the most prevalent manufactures in India, we also offer healthcare products such as liquid and powder injections.

Our venture in the field of Pharamacy had begun as a small scale License and Loan based company from Ahmedabad in Gujrat. Today we are proud to proclaim ourselves as a significant player in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

With a profound experience of 30 years in trading inactive medicinal bulk drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Mr Sandip S Shah is the visionary and prime mentor behind Biocin Healthcare. His incomparable knowledge in the field of Pharmacy perseveres to guide us for serving people and for preserving a robust society.

As the second pillar of our foundation, Mr Rupen S Shah has unmatched expertise and absolute control over the administration and Financial concerns. Considering that the growth of any business is the key to its success, the administrative and monetary functions play one of the most important roles for a company’s establishment.

Introducing young blood into any organisation is vital for rapid growth. Mr. Neil Shah joined the company in 2015 after graduating in pharmacy from the University of Pune and finishing his MBA from the prestigious NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai.

Together, we hope to take the company to ever greater heights.

Our Vision

At Biocin Healthcare, we comprehend solutions that can reach a substantial magnitude of people, our focus remain firm for creating solutions that are not just remunerative in nature but that also guarantee an unrivalled quality. Evidently, our focus remains consistent to evolve solutions that can set up a flourishing society to rejoice.

Our Mission

Dominated by an invulnerable zest, our mission is to build new pharmaceutical products that can cater to the rarest of the rare diseases. In contrary to other countries and nations, we know that our country’s problems are unique owing to its high volume of population and poor hygiene. Hence our dextrous team of medical professionals focuses on formulating products that can distinctly cater to crucial problems relating to health disorders.